We started in 2003 and now MPW is one of the most highly rated wedding company in the East Coast. MPW have a dream to reinvent the way weddings are captured. The obsession for documenting people's emotions is our fire. We produce enduring photos and videos that you will want to look at in the years to come.

Gone are the typical "old-fashioned" videos and photos.We take your events to the next level. We use photography & cinematography as a medium in this unending conquest. NO END, only new discoveries.

FREESTYLE as we call our style, a mix of journalistic & traditional. Follow, observe, mingle and "CAPTURE THE MOMENT" is our principle. Whatever the demand is, we are there to document your special day.

NO PAUSE, NO REWIND, the need to capture that moment is not only essential but a must.Your EMOTIONS captured on film, to relive it again.... and again.